If you are looking for a group in WoW Classic, you usually use ingame chat channels or the Discord server of your own realm. This works, but requires some initiative and willingness to communicate. Another option will be available with the launch of Burning Crusade Classic: a new user interface for the group search.

Many TBC veterans will remember that this user interface was introduced with patch 2.0.1

. In the official patch notes it said at that time (via 4fansites):

"A new tool is available to make it easier for players to find groups for dungeon instances and quests. The new user interface allows players to post their exact group requests in a collaborative system to speed up the process of forming groups. Additionally, players who are already in a group and are looking for reinforcements can easily find additional members.

User Interface

  • Innkeeper information about dungeons has been removed in preparation for the new group search system.
  • Group Search User Interface (LFG/LFM)
    • Added tips for the loading screen and for new players.
    • Gathering stones now work similarly to the Warlock summoning spell.
      • A player selects a party member to summon and right-clicks on the stone. A second party member clicks on the stone to complete the summoning."

Back then, the group search from TBC didn't work in an automated way or across many servers like it does today. That didn't come until patch 3.3 in Wrath of the Lich King. Instead, for the various dungeons, you could leave your wish to join a group, or you could search for players interested in dungeon XY. You could access the list of interested parties via the associated gathering stone and then contact them.
WoW: With Burning Crusade, Blizzard introduced an extra interface for the group search for the first time. Source: Wowhead

At that time, the group search was also quite uncomfortable and complicated via this new way, accordingly the tool was rarely used by the masses. With Burning Crusade Classic, there could be a modernization. Don't worry: The developers are not planning an automated cross-realm group search, instead they want to spruce up the interface so that it's easier to use and players who search for groups and open groups can get in touch with each other faster/easier. Exactly what these changes will ultimately look like is said to depend heavily on player feedback.

You can listen to what Patrick Dawson, Production Director at Blizzard, has to say about this here (starting at 4:11:30):

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What do you think? What adjustments should Blizzard make to the group search from back in the day, and what adjustments shouldn't they make? Tell us in the comments!


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