Update 2.5.2 for WoW: Burning Crusade Classic will be released on September 1. Included: Guild banks, the group search and the update to the arena placements, with which team ranks will be visible and information about reward thresholds for certain arena NPCs will be available.

We had already taken a look at the dungeon browser on the public test server and could not notice any visual modernization. On the official WoW website, the Blizzard developers have now presented the "new" group search of TBC Classic in detail.

With Lords of Outland, the Classic Group Search user interface is getting a few behind-the-scenes improvements. While everything remains the same in terms of look and interface, these changes should make the feature even better than you remember, including more available activities, group entries, and more. Jump back into the fray and find companions for your adventures.


As with the original release of The Burning Crusade, the dungeon browser (default I key) can be accessed via a new icon next to the Socialize button in the action bar. This will open a window where you can choose to create a group or join one that is still looking for members. Depending on your choice, the "Search for Group" or "Search for Members" window will appear. You can easily switch between the two interfaces using the tabs at the bottom.


Unlike the original tool, which could only be used by individual players, the Group Search tab allows both individual players and entire groups to sign up for up to any three activities. These activities include dungeons, raids, zones (for questing as a group), heroic dungeons, battlegrounds, and arenas.

Once you've decided which of these activities you'd like to sign up for, you can enter a comment (to let other players know what roles/specializations you can take, for example) and click the "Sign Up Yourself" button to sign up for the group quest. Only players on your realm and from your faction will be able to see your entry. You can change the activities of an entry after you have created it by changing them and then clicking the "Update" button. Last but not least, you can also sign up for activities if you are currently in the queue for a battleground or the arena.


The Search for Members tab allows single players or small groups to search for additional players to complete a group. Select your desired activity from the drop-down menus (for example, select "Raid" and "Karazhan" if your Karazhan group needs a few more people) to see players who have signed up for that activity. You can also see the current zone, level, and group member information there.

From here, the party leader can click on a player name to send a party invite or message. You can click "Refresh" to view new entries.

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