The first WoW "What's Next?" panel during BlizzCon 2021 focused first on Burning Crusade Classic for World of Warcraft. We've summarized the most important findings from the unusual panel for you here in this post.

Why unusual? Well, because there were a lot of anecdotes from the developers from the TBC era and less information about the implementation of Burning Crusade Classic. Afterwards, however, numerous exciting details and surprises followed:

  • As with WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Classic Blizzard could not simply take the old code from TBC and continue to use one to one.
  • Therefore, for the implementation of Burning Crusade Classic, 750,000 rows of code had to be touched to transfer the important data into the modern framework of WoW. Code, mind you, that hadn't been used in 13 years.
  • While it was possible to do this step via automated scripts, everything had to be checked by hand afterwards.
  • On top of that, all the changes made for WoW Classic had to be part of Burning Crusade Classic as well, of course.
  • As with WoW Classic, the developers are once again using a reference client. This is used every time they want to find out if something works the same in Burning Crusade Classic as it did in TBC.
  • Thanks to the experiences that developers and players have had with WoW Classic, those responsible are now ready to make small adjustments to improve the game experience of Burning Crusade Classic. As an example, they cited Spell-Batching, which has already been adjusted on the WoW Classic PTR. The change is expected to go live with TBC Classic.
  • The raid community has changed over the years. Players have become more experienced and better. The developers want to take this into account and not provide the toned down raids from patch 2.4.3 with Burning Crusade Classic. The developers are going through each of the mitigations and deciding on a case-by-case basis if customization is still necessary or if you can forgo, say, lowering M'uru's health (which they plan to do).
  • At the time, Blood Elf paladins had access to Signet of Blood, while Alliance paladins had to use the weaker Signet of Retribution. In TBC Classic, all paladins will have access to all sigils. However, Blood Elf paladins will be able to learn Signet of Blood earlier, and Alliance paladins will have earlier access to "their" Signet (level 64 each). The other sigil is then available at level 70.
  • Unlike the beginning of TBC, Arena teams in TBC Classic can be made up of more players than the bracket allows (twice as many). All players on the team only need to have played a certain percentage of the games to benefit from the scoring at the end of the week.
  • Players should get a chance to level up their Draenei and Blood Elves before the TBC Classic launch, with the pre-patch.
  • The first phase of TBC Classic will feature "only" the raid challenges Karazhan, Magtheridon's Chamber, and Gruul's Lair after all.
  • Phase 2 will bring the Serpentshrine and Fortress of Storms.
  • With Phase 3 comes Hyjal Peak, Black Temple, as well as Arena Season 2.
  • Phase 4 will bring Arena Season 3 and Zul'Aman.
  • The final phase will take us to Sunwell Plateau and Arena Season 4.
  • The current Classic servers will become progressive servers where all the Classic expansions that Blizzard will be releasing will land.
  • In addition, there will be new Classic Era servers that will remain located in the WoW Classic Era forever.
  • On patch day, you will be able to decide for all of your characters whether you want to play TBC Classic with them or move to the new Classic Era realms.
  • Players who are lagging in WoW Classic and have not played a character to level 60 can use an optional, paid level-58 character boost (blue dungeon gear, level-40 ride ability, no professions) to still get into Outland in a timely manner. This boost will not be available on the Era realms or for the new races (Blood Elves and Draenei). Only one character per account may be level 58. Players with level 60 Classic characters may also use the service.
  • Those who want to play with a character on progressive servers AND on the era servers can do so - with a paid copy service.
  • WoW Classic players should still have some time to master Naxxramas. But the release of TBC Classic will definitely be in 2021. The beta phase is supposed to start "soon". Unfortunately, there were no concrete dates.

What do you think of all the choices Blizzard has made for the TBC Classic implementation? Are you looking forward to the Outland adventure even more? Tell us in the comments!

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