For some they are a great and important part of WoW, for others they are practically non-existent and completely ignored. We're talking about the pet battles that were introduced many, many years ago with the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Not only did they give a new purpose to the pets already in the game, but they also kicked off a flood of new pets that became available to our heroes over the course of the expansions. By now, these cuddly companions have become an integral part of WoW and are on par with mounts, toys, and other cosmetic rewards as rewards.

The ten most expensive pets in WoW

In the past few days and weeks, these pets and their owners have become the target of many scammers who wanted to steal expensive pets from unsuspecting players

. Of course, the question arose, how expensive are such pets anyway and which are the most valuable ones? This is relatively easy to find out via various websites such as Underminejournal and Co.

Of course, you have to be careful, because the prices can vary greatly. The US site Dexerto has analyzed the data and created a list of the most valuable pets. It takes the average of the pets actually sold in the AH - and not the lunar sums for which some things are offered in the AH. However, the list is from the US servers. But it can be assumed that the prices for pets do not vary much between US and EU.

Pet name Average AH price Source
Spectral Tiger Cub 528.270 Trading Card Game: Scourge War
Guardian cub 446.758 Ingame Shop
Night Seedling cub 399.764 Trading Card Game: Dragon Dawn
Rocket Chicken 387.271 Trading Card Game: March of the Legion
Astral Soul Trader 382.937 Trading Card Game: The Hunt for Illidan
Bananas 350.570 Trading Card Game: Through the Dark Portal
Hippogryph boy 320.468 Trading Card Game: Heroes of Azeroth
Landros Lichling 311.713 Trading Card Game: World Breaker
Landros XT the Small 301.979 Trading Card Game: World Breaker
Everliving Spore 298.668 Pet Battle Challenge: The Caves of Woe

As you can see, most of the expensive pets are from the various collectible card games around WoW (buy now )

. If you want to get hold of them in the auction house, you usually have to put a chunk of gold on the table.

Only the Guardian Cub and the Everliving Spore were not from a card game. The little winged puppy was available in the store many years ago and was, in a way, the precursor to the gold token. Because you could buy him for ten euros and then sell him for gold in Ah - which many players did. Since 2014, however, the pet is no longer available in the store, which constantly drives up the prices for the existing copies. It's also extremely cuddly.

Have you ever spent several hundred thousand gold on a virtual pet in WoW - and if so, which one?

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