Ever since Mausoluem of the First, the new raid of WoW Patch 9.2, opened its doors, players have been trying not only to knock down the eleven new bosses, but also to get their hands on the pieces of the new pet set. The reason is not so much the look of the new sets, but rather the 2 and 4 set bonuses found on them. Unlike the set bonuses from the domination sockets, these are not only active in the raid, but also work in the Mythic-Plus dungeons.

But how strong are the different bonuses in the dungeons of Shadowlands?

The operators of the website Subcreation got to the bottom of this question. For this, they have evaluated the vast amounts of data and look at the differences between the individual classes with and without bonuses in the dungeons. It's not so much the actual strength or weakness of a playstyle that matters, but how much they differ with and without set bonuses. The results were then used to make a classic tier list, sorting the strength of the set bonuses from S to F. More than 10,000 runs from level 16 to 24 were analyzed. Also read these interesting stories1

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Set bonuses in Mythic-Plus dungeons - Tanks

Warriors in particular would have every reason to complain. They were already not very popular or widespread in the dungeons of Shadowlands. This is unlikely to change in the medium term. Because of all the tanks, they got the two weakest bonuses. This is not so much because the two bonuses are bad, but more because the other tanks get ridiculously strong bonuses. Paladins and Monks in particular benefit enormously from the tier sets, both defensively and offensively.
The tier list of the tanks in the Mythic-Plus dungeons of WoW Patch 9.2. Source: Subcreatiom

Set bonuses in Mythic-Plus Dungeons - Healers

The distribution of healers looks a bit better. Monks and Diszi Priests have somewhat weaker bonuses, while Shamans and Holy Priests benefit very strongly. In general, the healer bonuses are all very strong and hardly anyone will want to do without them voluntarily in the dungeons. The pet list of healers in the Mythic Plus dungeons of WoW Patch 9.2. Source: Subcreatiom

Set bonuses in Mythic-Plus Dungeons - Melee Fighters

The wheat is separated from the chaff when it comes to the melees. While some classes have ridiculously strong bonuses for the dungeons, others have to live with significantly weaker bonuses. It should be noted, however, that even the two bonuses from the Fierceness Druid, which lands at the bottom of the data, are still strong and you don't want to miss out on them. However, it can't even begin to compete with the bonuses of the Demon Hunter or other classes from the S-Tier. The tier list of melee fighters in the Mythic Plus dungeons of WoW Patch 9.2. Source: Subcreatiom

Set bonuses in Mythic-Plus Dungeons - Ranged Fighters

The situation is similar for the ranges, even though no spec is in the lowest F-tier. Nevertheless, the differences are quite large. This is mainly due to the fact that some of the bonuses are specifically designed for the fight against several opponents, which of course provides an enormous advantage in the dungeons - but has a rather disadvantageous effect in the raid. But again, even the weakest tier set bonus is still strong and should not be ignored. The tier list of the ranged fighters in the Mythic Plus dungeons of WoW Patch 9.2. Source: Subcreatiom

Does Subreation's tier set list match your own experience in the Mythic Plus dungeon so far, or did you get a completely different impression? And do you already have one or even both bonuses together - or did you have as much bad luck with the loot as we did and are still running around without a bonus? Tell us.

Source | Subcreation

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