At BlizzCon 2021, Terran Gregory, Christie Golden, and Sean Copel chatted in a small group about Thrall's history. They reviewed his life as he grew from a slave to a strong orc leader, culminating in his ascension to the throne of Warchief. Thrall lived through an exciting history until he retired to Nagrand, the land of his ancestors. But that didn't mean his story was over. After all, we only recently freed the legendary Orc from the clutches of the Jailer. When Terran Gregory asked about Thall's past and what future awaits the former warchief in World of Warcraft, Christie Golden responded as follows:

"His mother Draka did not simply surrender to her fate after her death. She fought for her place in Maldraxxus - with her perseverance, her loyalty, and her courage to sacrifice herself for her child. In Maldraxxus, Draka gained a powerful position and now holds great power, but it also holds many dangers. The Shadowlands are a rather large place, but also smaller than you think."

Her words are cryptic, but Christie clearly implies in conversation that the family bond of Thrall, Draka, and Durotan is so strong that it could transcend great distances and death itself. With much responsibility currently resting on Draka in Maldraxxus, the Orcin can't just leave the Necrolords to their fate and simply travel to Oribos. But perhaps Thrall and Draka will meet again when the Four Pacts reunite their power to stop the Jailer.

The whole thing is also in line with the info we got a few months ago in an interview with Lead Narrative Designer Steve Danuser


Steve Danuser also initially talked about the Draka and Durotan connection. He hinted that there is hope for the separated Orc couple. The uncertainty of whether or not their baby (i.e. Thrall) survived the raid upset Draka so much that she wanted to prove herself again in the afterlife. For this reason, the judge sent the orc to Maldraxxus, while Durotan moved on to the eternal hunting grounds. Perhaps they would reunite as a pair once Maldraxxus and the Shadowlands were pacified. Danuser also hinted that there will be a reunion between Draka and Thrall at a later point in Shadowlands.

Echoes of the Past

WoW: Christie Golden confirms - Thrall and Draka will meet again! (2) Source: Blizzard

Another exciting point of the story is Thrall's friendship with Garrosh, which ended in a tragic way in Warlords of Draenor. Thrall feels partly responsible for Garrosh's betrayal, after all he put a lot of hope in his friend. The two met in Burning Crusade, and Thrall took Garrosh under his wing to mold Hellscream Junior into a great leader. He knew there was a noble spirit in Garrosh, but his unbridled pride turned him into a tyrant. Thrall still blames himself for making Garrosh a warchief too soon and for abandoning his friends in Cataclysm.

When Thrall challenged Garrosh to a duel to the death in WoD, the Mak'gora ended with Hellscream's death. Thrall, however, did not defeat his former friend in a duel! He struck Garrosh down with the power of the elements, a great sin that continues to weigh on Thrall's conscience to this day.

Thanks to the short film Afterlife:Bastion, we know that Garrosh is being held somewhere in Revendreth

to squeeze as much anima out of his corrupted soul as possible. So Thrall is sure to encounter not only his mother, but also Garrosh at some point. The pride and hatred we saw in Garrosh's eyes in the video does not bode well for this reunion. Will Hellscream take this opportunity to get revenge on Thrall? Or will the story have a happy ending after all? Either way: In Shadowlands, Thrall finally gets a chance to find his inner peace.Support buffed - it'll only take a minute. Thank you!

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