Ah, Torghast ... my love-hate relationship. I want to like you so much. I want so much to spend time with you and waste it in your hallways. I was so looking forward to many exciting, fun times with you - only to have you disappoint me far too bitterly, far too quickly. My first visits to your corridors enticed me, propelled me to higher levels of performance, but eventually my initial enthusiasm swung to frustration. Because you have a problem. A reward problem.

Soul Ash for Soul Ash's Sake

In fact, I had hoped that my experience with you would feel similar to the Disturbing Visions in Battle for Azeroth. But whereas there a reward chest awaited me at the end of each run - however sparsely filled - you punish me with disregard in the event of the far too often inevitable failure. Your guard chases me from your corridors, makes me run for my life as an unworthy worm, and ensures that I must depart empty-handed.

But if I can rise to your challenges and overcome any obstacles you throw in my way, then you will graciously toss me a handful of soul ash, like a lean bone to a starving dog. I'm sorry, Torghast, but with that gesture you overestimate your own radiance many times over. For me, who has refrained from min-maxing her characters and high-level raiding for years anyway and much prefers soloing in Azeroth, that little bit of legendary currency is nowhere near enough.
Tower of the Damned has a problem: the challenge doesn't feel rewarding enough. Source: buffed

If your challenges were more varied, or if you rewarded me with loot worthy of my hero status aside from soul ash, if you held a sugary doughnut in front of me instead of a dried up carrot, then I might be lured back into your corridors more. But farming soul ash for the sake of farming soul ash? No, thank you.

Because even though I might accept any bone, however lean, as a starving dog, that doesn't mean I won't run over to the juicy piece of meat offered to me by other lords of the Shadowlands at the first opportunity. If you want me to continue to be loyal to you and let you torture me, you're going to have to try a little harder in the future. For example, how about some better rewards aside from soul ash? Here are a few suggestions:

  • One piece of armor per week: You could give me a special item based on my progress in your hallways, such as a piece of armor or a weapon.
  • The Great Treasury: Why not reward us with loot from the Great Treasury if you're already so stingy with us otherwise?
  • Cosmetic Rewards: Alternatively, you could introduce currency that we get in addition to soul ash, which we could then trade for cosmetic items like transmogs, mounts, and pets or toys.
  • Chest like in Disturbing Visions: I did like the chest that was waiting for me at the end of every Disturbing Vision in Battle for Azeroth. I'm sure you have a wooden chest or two sitting around in your basement that would lend itself to such a reward system, right?

My dear Torghast, you see, it could be so easy and so nice with you. But as long as you continue to be so arrogant and want to starve me at your gold-ringed hand, I'd rather find another lord who will reward me more generously for my services. So farewell, Torghast, perhaps we'll meet again someday ... maybe with patch 9.1,

if I like the changes you get from your creators ...


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