In WoW: Shadowlands, as we all know, the community clocks tick a little differently than in WoW Classic or TBC Classic. The server framework is different, there are automated tools for all sorts of things, and it's much less common to meet new people in the open world or during a dungeon round that end up on your friends list or in your own guild. Everything is more anonymous, social interaction takes place in smaller communities. In general chat, some spam often determines the picture.

Legends move in WoW

Nevertheless, it can happen in WoW: Shadowlands that you unexpectedly meet someone you won't soon forget - and for a positive reason. Let's take the story of Percival91 (via Reddit), who recently asked in the trade chat for a method to farm fast enough gold for the WoW token - his game time would run out in two days. "Is that even possible?


An unknown player came forward, but he didn't have a tip ready. Instead, he invited Percival into a group and asked him to come to Stormwind. He wanted to give him the gold for the token. Percival was surprised, of course, and at first suspected a troll attempt. But the stranger assured him that he will get the gold, he has more than enough of it.

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And sure enough, the deal happened, 500,000 gold changed hands and Percival was beside himself with joy: "I don't normally pay for my subscription with the token, but I can't afford to renew at the moment. You are the best!!!

" You can find the entire dialogue in the Reddit post.

In any case, the comments agree: the unknown is a legend, what an awesome move! Has anything comparable ever happened to you?

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